The Control Center of the FPPS Equipment have a serial exit RS-232. By this exit can conect a GSM / GPRS / GPS modem. By this way the equipment can be programmed  sending sms from a authorized mobile phone

With the programming of the start of the equipment the cold start of the vehicles is optimized, improvement the save fuel and reducing drasticaly the atmospheric contamination.


Description of sms for programm FPPS Equipment:


&C      :            -Authorize mobil phone like central with code

&E      :             -Switch on

&A      :            -Switch of

&B      :            -Erase Programming

&H      :            -Put in hour

&N      :            -Estate of system

&O      :            -Activate exits

&P      :            -Fit out entrances

&T       :            -Time of work

&G      :             -Read the actual telephone supplier and its cell            


                          This command can be used to localize the vehicle 

&L       :            -Program Monday

&M      :            -Program Tuesday

&X      :            -Program  Wednesday

&J       :            -Program Thursday

&V      :            -Program Friday

&S      :            -Program Saturday

&D      :            -Program Sunday

&Z       :            -Program  working days to monday at friday

&W     :            -Program all days


The equipment have de following entrances and exits:


Three digital entance for detection of dor open, volumetric detectors, movement detector, etc.T

  When a entrance is activated, the system sent a sms, saying what entrance has been activated, to the authorized mobil phone.


A analogic entrance for a auxiliary sensor allow the use of diferent sensors to meditions of CO2, NO2, etc.


Two exits to activation of reles or electrovalvules

This exits can be activated with the followings orders:  

&O,1,0           Exit one deactivated

&O,1,1           Exit one activated

&O,2,0           Exit two deactivated

&O,2,1           Exit two activated 


The system have a real time clock until year 2100, with compensation of month of 28 days and leap years


The system can be started inmediatly with the order &E  or program its switch on to a fixed hour with the followings orders:



&L,07h45m00s         :            -Switch on the folowing Monday to the especified hour

&M,07h45m00s        :            -Switch on the folowing Tuesday to the especified hour

&X,07h45m00s        :            -Switch on the folowing Thursday to the especified hour

&J,07h45m00s         :            -Switch on the folowing Wednesday to the especified hour

&V,07h45m00s        :            -Switch on the folowing Friday to the especified hour

&S,07h45m00s        :            -Switch on the folowing Saturday to the especified hour

&D,07h45m00s        :            -Switch on the folowing Sunday to the especified hour


&Z,07h45m00s         :            -Switch on to monday at friday to the especified hour

&W,07h45m00s       :            -Switch on all the days to the especified hour


With the order &G the system send to the central a sms with the number of the telephone supplier and the  cell number where the GSM modem are registered. By this way you can use to localize the vehicle because the number of cell is unic and remaining a unic geographic point

With the order  &T, the system sent to the central a sms with the total time since the equipment was installed, the time that the engine has been worked, the time that the unit has been switched on and the time that the preunit has been switched on.


"&H" Put in hour with confirmation

Format Cmd: &H,L(day of the week),"+34123456789" (This is the number of FPPS equipment)


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